7 Drinks to Help You Lose Weight

Studies have shown that those on a liquid diet, even when drinking a comparable amount of calories as a traditional “solid” meal, still lose more weight. This is because liquids are much easier to digest than solid foods and the nutrients are absorbed easier, too.
These 10 drinks have the potential to not only help you lose weight, but get healthier as well.

Drinks to Help 1

1. Ice Water

As the cheapest drink on the list, ice water is also one of the best. First, water is calorie-free, so no guilt there. Additionally, some research has shown that drinking ice water can actually burn calories. The theory is that because your body will “heat up” the cold water for easier digesting, calories will be used. It’s estimated that for each cup of freezing cold ice water, 18 calories will be used. That might sound small, but 18 four or five times a day adds up!

Water also helps curb hunger. Drinking a cup of water before a meal will also help you feel full faster and prevent overeating.

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